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The 5 strangest hikes in the world

By Dustin Walker

Want to shake up your hiking routine? Try a route with aliens or boiling pools of foul-smelling mud. The world is full of strange and mind-boggling places to hike through. From a conspiracy theorist’s dream camping spot to a network of paths that’s underwater half of the year, these odd treks highlight just how weird […]


Snowshoeing isn’t always so gentle

By Dustin Walker

Snowshoeing is a mellow activity, right? The sort of thing you do with grandma and all the little tykes on Christmas Eve. Tell that to the guy who tumbled down three 10-metre cliffs near Vancouver, B.C., earlier this month. Afterwards, the battered snowshoer got up and staggered into the treacherous Tony Baker Gully – named after […]


New featured trek: The Inca Trail less travelled

By Dustin Walker

The silence here is almost unnerving. Jagged mountain peaks toss shadows across crumbling stone houses, temples and mausoleums; terraces carve into the hillside, resembling rows of massive stairs. But perhaps what’s most striking about Peru’s Choquequirao archeological site is what travellers won’t find: other tourists. Read the full article on Peru’s Choquequirao Trail.  

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