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Would You Hike These Haunted Trails?

By Dustin Walker

There’s really two kinds of fear. First, there’s the cliff-hanging, adrenaline-boosting ‘please-God-don’t-let-me-fall’ kind of terror that every outdoor explorer has probably experienced at some point. And then there’s the other kind of fear. It’s more subtle; it creeps up slowly, tightening your chest and sending shivers through your bones. It’s the stuff Richard Matheson books […]


Climbers Eye Myanmar After Historic Ascent

By Dustin Walker

Myanmar’s one of those rare places that is still undiscovered. It’s wild, unspoiled and a dream destination for any type of adventurer. And now, this southeast Asian country has just leapt onto the radar of mountaineers and technical climbers from across the globe.


Beyond Kilimanjaro: 3 Little-Known African Parks With Epic Trekking

By Dustin Walker

Rising almost 20,000 feet high, Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro is the world’s tallest hikable mountain and a dream trek for anyone who loves a challenge. What makes this African destination so enticing for hikers is that you don’t have to be a climber – no ropes or pulleys are needed. This place is remote, yet accessible. […]


Solo Backpacking Is All About Heart & Soul

By Dustin Walker

Survivor Man star Les Stroud never seems fazed when he’s on the verge of starvation. The guy’s a pro, after all. But watch the show long enough, and you’ll find out what really gets to this survivalist superstar – it becomes clear the moment he pulls out his harmonica and plays some melancholy jazz tune. […]


Top 4 Alternatives to The Appalachian Trail

By Dustin Walker

It’s the flagship trail of the U.S. If you haven’t heard about it, you’re probably not that into hiking (in North America, anyway). Yes, the 2,180(ish)-mile Appalachian Trail has earned its much-deserved title as an iconic American trek. But despite its rocky terrain and grueling distance, about 2,000 people still attempt to thru-hike the sucker […]


4 Countries With Untapped Hiking Potential

By Dustin Walker

Peru, Nepal and Switzerland all have killer hiking trails. It’s just a shame that everyone knows about them. Take the Classic Inca Trail, for example. More than 500 sweaty tourists and porters grunt their way along this epic route just about every day. Sure, it’s awesome. But if you’re looking for a more secluded trekking […]


Why you should try hiking barefoot

By Dustin Walker

“Melting snow, the ultimate barefoot pleasure.” That’s the title of one chapter in Richard Frazine’s 1993 book ‘The Barefoot Hiker.’ My toes go a little numb just thinking about it. But folks like Franzine, 65, are adamant that hitting the trail sans boots is the most intense way to experience the outdoors. It’s all about […]


4 Awesome Alternatives To The West Coast Trail

By Dustin Walker

The West Coast Trail ranks among the world’s most spectacular hikes. And with good reason: it’s a challenging trek with achingly beautiful scenery. The perfect route to slap on a bucket list. So why shouldn’t every adventure-lovin’ trailblazer be gushing over this famous Canadian trek? Because about 8,000 people hike it annually. Don’t get me […]

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