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Digital Gear (2):The 10 most useful hiking apps

By Dustin Walker

I don’t really care about how many steps I’ve taken or whether I can easily organize photos of my trek in a nifty digital journal. Not interested in gear checklists either. What I do want is information. I want statistics and  maps and field guides so I can identify that weird-ass bug crawling on the roof […]


Digital Gear: How smartphones hit the trail

By Dustin Walker

“I’m going to rock out the rest of the way.” And with that my hiking companion popped in a pair of iPhone ear buds, canceling out the sound of chattering birds and rustling cedar branches around us. I just shook my head. That was a few years ago, when I viewed mobile technology with all […]


Why vultures make great Christmas gifts

By Dustin Walker

My wife was all smiles when she saw her new turkey vulture for the first time – an ugly-looking thing named Igor. I think that raptor was one of her favourite Christmas presents that year. Of course, I didn’t actually bring the vulture home: I “adopted” Igor through a fundraising program at the North Island […]

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