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Best Backpacking Shovels & Trowels [2017 Buyer’s Guide]

By Casey Fiedler

No, we’re not talking about a long handled wooden shovel. We’re also not talking about those military backpacking shovels that fold in half and weigh an insane amount. So what constitutes a backpacking shovel or trowel for this article? We’re talking about poop trowels for properly disposing of human waste. In the backpacking world, it’s […]


The 11 Best Backpacking Hammocks [2017 Buyers Guide]

By JoelSalvino

Looking to invest in a new backpacking hammock? Or maybe you are a newcomer who hasn’t tried sleeping in a hammock when out in the woods before. Either way, we’ve complied this list to help you figure out which one is right for your situation. Hammocks make excellent shelters for overnighting: they are lightweight, easy […]


The Best Backpacking Pillows of 2017

By Casey Fiedler

When you head into the woods for a backpacking trip, chances are your pillow isn’t the first thing on your mind or packing list. But nevertheless, if you’re like me, having a pillow can make or break your trip. In fact, there are two things I must have to get rested for another long day […]


The 5 Best Monoculars for Backpacking & Hiking

By Casey Fiedler

One of the golden rules of backpacking is to keep weight down and keep everything as compact as possible. So if you’re heading out and need to take some binoculars, you might consider a monocular instead. Monoculars are often just as powerful as comparable binoculars for most recreational birders, wildlife enthusiasts, and nature lovers. So why […]


The 9 Best Backpacking Tents Under $200

By Danielle Alling

April, 2017: Not all of us can afford to spend an entire paycheck on a backpacking tent, but that shouldn’t keep any of us from getting out there. Whether you’re gearing up for a weekend on the lake with friends, a few days solo through the mountains or even a thru-hike, you’ll need a tent (unless […]


The 5 Best Backpacking Tripods

By Casey Fiedler

When your passion of hiking and backpacking crosses with photography, things can get tricky. Any photographer needs a tripod for certain shots, but trekking into the wilderness with this bulky device isn’t always easy. So, what’s the solution? We need lightweight and compact tripods for backpacking. They have to be small enough to fit into […]


The Evolution Of Trekking Gear [infographic]

By Dustin Walker

It all started with leaky boots, clunky backpacks and tents not fit for your dog. It’s no wonder why few people ever went backpacking for fun prior to World War Two. Back then, trekking was done only out of necessity. Before the Main Hunting Shoe came along in 1912, hunters just put up with drenched […]


The 5 Best Budget Trekking Poles (2017)

By Casey Fiedler

Trekking poles have been proven time and again to take stress off the joints and help to alleviate some of the stresses caused from high-intensity hiking. It’s also easy to see that using trekking poles in many situations can help to aid in balance, stride, and speed. When I first started using trekking poles, I […]


The 3 Best Backpacking Flashlights

By Casey Fiedler

Sure, headlamps have become wildly popular in recent years — but flashlights still have their place on the trial and for good reasons. This article will explore why flashlights are a great choice for some backpackers as well as what makes the best backpacking flashlights. There are several features I consider absolutely necessary in a backpacking […]


The 4 Best Lighters for Backpacking

By Casey Fiedler

Choosing the best lighter for hiking and backpacking is pretty easy to overlook. After all, it’s just a lighter, right? Well, when we head out into the backcountry there are dozens of items that get tossed into the backpack and — as a gram-weenie (lightweight hiker) myself — I can tell you that every item […]

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