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What to Wear for Hiking in Cold Weather

By Casey Fiedler

As autumn deepens and the nights grow longer, most hikers are scheduling an end to the year of enjoyment. Some of us, however, plan to keep hiking and backpacking even into the coldest months of winter. If you’re one of those people then you’ll be happy to know that you’re not alone. It can be […]


25 Simple Backpacking Food Ideas

By Casey Fiedler

So you decided to head out on a backpacking trip. Maybe you’re taking some friends or the family. But just as you starting planning the adventure,  you realize something…. You have no idea how to plan meals that don’t consist solely of “Mountain Home” dehydrated food bags. Fear not. This article will give you a list […]


The 6 Best Backpacking Stoves Of 2017

By Casey Fiedler

Backpacking stoves, like most gear, come in almost all imaginable shapes and sizes and fit users whose needs may vary dramatically. Some stoves do one thing exceptionally well. These stoves might be extremely lightweight, or extremely easy to use. Other stoves are a balance of all asset classes, they’re usable in extreme weather, reliable, and […]


The Best Backpacking Sleeping Pads For Any Situation

By Casey Fiedler

Most experienced hikers will agree: the sleeping pad can make or break your stay in the backcountry. Taking the time to thoroughly research and invest in your sleep system for hiking – be it overnight or multi-week – is guaranteed to improve your experience while backpacking. Understanding what goes in to choosing the right sleeping […]


The Difference Between Hiking and Trekking (For The Record)

By Casey Fiedler

Partaking in outdoor recreation means, inevitably, that you will soon stumble across the difference between hiking and trekking. And maybe you’ve even asked yourself: Am I on a hike or a trek? Or for that matter, am I mountaineering or backpacking ? Do these labels really matter? Maybe not. Sure, you don’t need to know if […]


The Essential Guide to Backpacking with A Dog

By Dustin Walker

BY KELLY DUNNING For me, backpacking and dogs go together like wool socks and hiking boots: It just makes sense to put ‘em together. A dog makes an ideal hiking partner because they’re curious, full of energy and happy to follow you anywhere you want to go. And they love all the extra exercise they’re […]


How A Killer Uppercut Can Make You A Faster, More Agile Hiker

By Dustin Walker

Boxing isn’t often the sport of choice for outdoor enthusiasts. You’re stuck in a crowded gym sucking in sweat-tainted air while listening to folks pound away at heavy bags. Not exactly pristine scenery. But there a few benefits of adding the Sweet Science to your hiking training routine. I used to dabble in boxing a […]


4 little-known tips for hiking in hot weather

By Dustin Walker

Drink lots of water. Wear a hat. Rest in the shade. You know to do this basic stuff when hiking in the piercing heat, right? I sure hope so, ‘cause I’m not gonna waste your time by going over it. Instead, this article will serve up a quartet of heat-beating trekking tips many hikers don’t […]


How to Tell if Your Hiking Partner Might Get You Killed

By Dustin Walker

The most dangerous kind of people are the ones who don’t know they’re stupid. And unfortunately, some of these people go hiking. So what ends up happening? They wander deep into the boonies, hurt themselves (and others) and then need to be rescued. If you’re reading this, chances are you’re not one of these people. […]


A super-simple training plan for hiking mountains

By Dustin Walker

Maybe you’re the type who likes to keep a detailed log of every lunge, squat and crunch you do each week. Perhaps you’re all about setting dozens of goals and tweaking your routine like a fine piece of machinery. If so, I admire you. But I just can’t work out that way. For me, hiking […]

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