The Ultimate Guide To
Backpacking Gear & Gadgets

(all designed to help you explore the trails less traveled)

You gotta have the right hiking or backpacking gear when you're deep in the boonies. Simple as that. But sometimes figuring out exactly what you need can be a pain -- searching review after review after review. It takes times.

So that's a big reason why I compiled this guide to some of the best hiking gear and gadgets around. The articles listed below are based on either my own experience with the gear or in-depth research I've done on the products. I dig through all those online reviews for you.

And I didn't just write about any old hiking gear -- oh no. I focused on gear and gadgets that folks who prefer to get off the beaten path are looking for. Savvy trekkers like yourself. So check out some of the articles below:

cameras for hiking and backpacking

I recruited the advice of a photojournalist I used to work with back in my newspaper days to build this list of the best cameras for backpacking. It covers:

- Point and shoot cameras
- Mirrorless cameras
- DSLR cameras

All tough-as-hell champs you won't have to baby while in the bush.

best pocket knife

You don’t have to spend a small fortunate to get a durable, high-quality pocket knife for camping and backpacking. Something well under $100 should do you just fine. Of course, if you need something larger for hunting, skinning meat or scaring the hell out of your neighbours, the price tag will go up. But for just exploring the wilderness, these 6 knives will do ya just fine.

I've dug deep to feature some of the best-reviewed gizmos around. And best of all, these gadgets will actually help you better explore the wilderness -- unlike that cheap-ass knife with a compass you bought as a kid (or was that just me?).

If you’re hunting for an awesome little axe to add to your collection of camping gear, consider swinging one of these fine blades.

Here are three of the best backpacking fishing rods that, with a little luck, will keep you well-fed on the trail. They're all super light-weight and easy to pack.

You gotta take care of your feet. There’s absolutely no chance of getting anywhere, on any type of hiking trail if your hooves are chilly. So if you're into winter hiking, check out these boots.

Best Camera Backpack 2016

What are the absolute best camera backpacks for hiking available in 2016 for carrying that expensive, valuable photo equipment in the backcountry? If you’re seeking to answer this question you’ve come to the right place my friend.

Best Camera Backpack 2016

Most experienced hikers will agree: the sleeping pad can make or break your stay in the backcountry. So check out this list of the top sleeping pads for any backpacking situation.

Best Camera Backpack 2016

Backpacking stoves, like most gear, come in almost all imaginable shapes and sizes and fit users whose needs may vary dramatically. And it can be pretty freakin' tough to figure out which one to buy. That's where this article can really help.

Best Battery Pack Hiking

As much as we HATE hikers who crank their iPhone music on the trail, there is a definite case to be made about the value of having power while in the wilderness. That's why we compiled this list of the 5 top portable battery packs for camping and backpacking. Check 'em out.

Best Battery Pack Hiking

Selecting the right type of saw for backpacking is crucial. So we compiled this guide to help you figure out what type of blade is right for you. The article covers pocket chain saws, folding saws and bow saws. It also includes our picks for 'best value', 'overall performance' and 'multi-use'.

Best Battery Pack Hiking

This is one item you shouldn't overlook. And yet, few people put effort into selecting the right backpacking lighter. We did the homework for you by comparing 4 of the major players in this category. And I bet our top pick will surprise you!

Best Battery Pack Hiking

Yes, headlamps are great. But sometimes you really do need a kick-ass flashlight when heading out on the trails. Finding a good one isn't always easy. So we analyzed loads of flashlights based on their weight, battery life and resistance to water in order to create this short-list.

Best Battery Pack Hiking

You don't have to spend a small fortune to get a fantastic trekking pole. To prove it, we highlighted 5 great poles that are budget-friendly as well. This mini-guide also includes a basic overview of what you should consider when selecting a trekking pole for backpacking.

backpacking tripod

Finding a good tripod for backpacking is tricky. Obviously, size and weight are major factors. But there are other things you should consider when figuring out what type of tripod is right for you. This article covers everything you need to know.

tents for backpacking

Backpacking gear isn't cheap. And if you're  not spending big bucks on a tent, it's even more important that you do research to make sure you're still bringing something into the wilderness that will keep you dry and safe from the wind. This list of the nine best tents for backpacking has all the info you need.

tents for backpacking

Binoculars? Those ultra-heavy things? If you wanna lighten the load of your backpack, while still having zoom capabilities at your fingertips, check out this list the top-rated monoculars. And go full-pirate on the trail.

tents for backpacking

Sure, you could use a stuff-sack packed with dirty underwear too. But if you really want to get your ZZZZZZZZs while on a backpacking trip, it may be worthwhile to invest in a decent pillow. This article details the top 4 on the market in 2017.

tents for backpacking

This is an often-overlooked backpacking item that can really come in handy. Moisture is the enemy when it comes to staying comfortable in the outdoors. But a quality backpacking towel can help you stay dry without adding extra bulk to your pack.

hammocks for backpacking

Sleeping on the ground isn't for everyone. And if you're thinking of bringing a hammock along on your next backpacking trip, give this whopper of a list a scan before you make any purchases. The article also outlines the 3 main type of backpacking hammocks to consider.