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Dustin Walker

Dustin Walker is a journalist, travel copywriter and editor/owner of Slick and Twisted Trails. Follow him on Twitter @dustinjaywalker


Solo Backpacking Is All About Heart & Soul

By Dustin Walker

Survivor Man star Les Stroud never seems fazed when he’s on the verge of starvation. The guy’s a pro, after all. But watch the show long enough, and you’ll find out what really gets to this survivalist superstar – it becomes clear the moment he pulls out his harmonica and plays some melancholy jazz tune. […]


How A Killer Uppercut Can Make You A Faster, More Agile Hiker

By Dustin Walker

Boxing isn’t often the sport of choice for outdoor enthusiasts. You’re stuck in a crowded gym sucking in sweat-tainted air while listening to folks pound away at heavy bags. Not exactly pristine scenery. But there a few benefits of adding the Sweet Science to your hiking training routine. I used to dabble in boxing a […]


Top 4 Alternatives to The Appalachian Trail

By Dustin Walker

It’s the flagship trail of the U.S. If you haven’t heard about it, you’re probably not that into hiking (in North America, anyway). Yes, the 2,180(ish)-mile Appalachian Trail has earned its much-deserved title as an iconic American trek. But despite its rocky terrain and grueling distance, about 2,000 people still attempt to thru-hike the sucker […]


4 Countries With Untapped Hiking Potential

By Dustin Walker

Peru, Nepal and Switzerland all have killer hiking trails. It’s just a shame that everyone knows about them. Take the Classic Inca Trail, for example. More than 500 sweaty tourists and porters grunt their way along this epic route just about every day. Sure, it’s awesome. But if you’re looking for a more secluded trekking […]


A Quick Guide To Free Hiking Maps

By Dustin Walker

Trail maps used to be created by just one company. Maybe even one guy. But in the age of 2.0, that’s all changed. The Net is loaded with free hiking maps that are pieced together by communities of like-minded trekkers. This makes it even easier to scope out sweet trekking spots that are off-the-beaten path. […]


4 little-known tips for hiking in hot weather

By Dustin Walker

Drink lots of water. Wear a hat. Rest in the shade. You know to do this basic stuff when hiking in the piercing heat, right? I sure hope so, ‘cause I’m not gonna waste your time by going over it. Instead, this article will serve up a quartet of heat-beating trekking tips many hikers don’t […]


A backpacking checklist for crazy people

By Dustin Walker

Do you hike trails that make most trekkers cringe? If so, this backpacking checklist might be for you. Whether you’re planning a trek through serious bear country, navigating narrow, cliff-hugging terrain or plowing through a coastal trail during storm season, packing the right gear may help you get out of a tough situation unscathed. If […]


Heritage Lost: 5 amazing relics destroyed by development

By Dustin Walker

Maybe they didn’t realize how remarkable these places were. Maybe they just didn’t care. Whatever the reason, fascinating ruins are leveled every year by a handful of ignorant developers and construction companies that give their entire industry a bad name. Just last week, a real estate firm in Peru allegedly bulldozed a 4,000-year-old temple at […]


How to Tell if Your Hiking Partner Might Get You Killed

By Dustin Walker

The most dangerous kind of people are the ones who don’t know they’re stupid. And unfortunately, some of these people go hiking. So what ends up happening? They wander deep into the boonies, hurt themselves (and others) and then need to be rescued. If you’re reading this, chances are you’re not one of these people. […]

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