Because crowded trails are for tourists

Slick & Twisted Trails (S&TT) is a blog for backpackers who shun the beaten path…

The type of folks who are always on the hunt for those rare, less-traveled routes through the wilderness.

You’ll find profiles of little-known treks, feature stories on unusual outdoor adventures (night hike, anyone?) and gear reviews tailored for those who want to hike deeper for longer.

But the content on S&TT isn’t for everyone. You should NOT read this blog if:

  • you get nervous being the only one on the trail
  • you see wilderness backpacking as a great way to meet fellow travelers (instead of a way to escape them)
  • you don’t mind being woken up by a hippy drum circle at 2 a.m.
  • you enjoy blasting top 40 hits on your iPhone while hiking (and then whine when the battery dies 4 hours later)

There are plenty of great hiking and backpacking sites out there for folks like you. S&TT isn’t one of them.

(and if you’re curious on what the deal is with the moniker for this site, here’s the sad story on how I named this blog)

Who writes this stuff?

Dustin & Shawneen Walker on the summit of Tsergo Ri in Nepal.

Slick & Twisted Trails is run by Dustin Walker

He lives in Nanaimo, B.C., Canada. Along with his wife wife, Shawneen, he’s hiked along Vancouver Island’s drenched west coast during storm season, trudged up to remote ruins in the mountains of Peru and roamed the villages of post-quake Nepal.

Basically, anywhere the tourist crowds are scarce.

Casey Fielder

Casey Fiedler is the number 1 contributor to S&TT.

He’s an ultralight backpacking expert and has worked as an outdoors guide since 2012, leading multi-week trips through the Appalachian Mountains, Adirondacks and other remote parts of northeastern U.S.

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