The Outport Trail, Terra Nova National Park, Newfoundland

DISTANCE (round-trip)

29 mi (48 km)



2 days


Trek the Rugged Coast of Terra Nova

This hike through the wilds of Newfoundland will take you through two former settlements that were once thriving and are now abandoned to nature. Plus, you'll explore the remnants of pine forest and the rugged coast of Terra Nova National Park.

A peaceful woodland trail, it is wide and well kept but can be challenging in places where it crosses wet patches. One of the most interesting spans of the trail requires you to hike through Gambo’s Swamp, on a series of seemingly randomly arranged wooden poles. Also, the climbs are deceptively difficult as they go on for long distances.

You’ll journey along the coast from Big Brook to the sheltered mudflats of Newman Sound. Then, you’ll hike through the forest and end up at the abandoned settlement of Minchin Cove. Plus, around midway on the trail you can take a 1.5 km detour to the top of Mount Stamford, which will offer you one of the most spectacular panoramic views in the park.

When to go

Terra Nova National Park is open all year round, but July and August offer the best temperatures. It is also possible to cross-country ski or snowshoe along the trail in the winter.

Getting there

The Outport Trail begins at the Newman Sound Campground between Lops F & G. From them, walk down the path towards the suspension bridge at Big Brook.

Know before you go

  • The trail is wet, muddy, and full of bugs.
  • There are designated primitive camping sites along the way - backcountry camping permits are available at the Visitor Centre and Newman Sound Kiosk.
  • It is also possible to camp at South Broad Cove, which has a number of small sites around the headland in the middle of the cove.

For more information:

Photo by Kelly-Anne via Flickr

By rcheng30 - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

Gear Recommendations for this trail:

  • The trail can be soggy, so keep your feet dry with a good pair of hiking boots and gaiters. Waterproof pants are also a good idea.
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