The 11 Best Backpacking Hammocks [2017 Buyers Guide]

hammocks for backpacking

Looking to invest in a new backpacking hammock?

Or maybe you are a newcomer who hasn’t tried sleeping in a hammock when out in the woods before. Either way, we’ve complied this list to help you figure out which one is right for your situation.

Hammocks make excellent shelters for overnighting: they are lightweight, easy to pack, and keep you off the ground. They also pack down quickly and are incredibly space efficient. What’s not to love?

To make your decision a bit easier, here are three categories of backpacking hammocks to consider (just click on the links to jump to each section):

Hammocks that double as tents
These hammocks are ideal for backpackers that require more flexibility with their sleeping situations. The products in this category have bridged the gap between tent and hammock, allowing them to be used in all situations, even when trees are not available.

Complete Sleep System Hammocks
The hammocks here are great for the most serious of through hikers, lightweight, and bullet proof, ensuring a good night’s sleep in every condition. The models in this category include a bug net and a rainfly, making a complete ensemble and popular with thru-hikers.

Ultralight Hammocks
Perfect for ultralight hikers worried about every ounce, the most serious gram counter uses this style. Bare bones simplicity, these hammocks have no special features and are used for the sole purpose of sleeping.


Hammocks that double as tents

One of the largest drawbacks to hammock hiking is that not all trails have available trees to hang your shelter from. Manufacturers have realized this hinderance and their response has been to create hammocks that can double as a tent. Makes sense, right?

Blue Ridge Camping Hammock by Lawson

A hybrid tent/hammock design that works hard to be the best of both worlds. Assembled with two arch poles at the foot and the head, this hammock also boasts a detachable mosquito net and a waterproof rainfly, giving you all the comforts required in the backcountry.

The flat bottom of this hammock is stretched taught with a spreader bar and a multi-line design maintains the wide shape of the hammock, much different than the single point hammocks already on the market.

With the bed of the hammock measuring 90”x42”, all sizes of backpackers can be accommodated. This large sleeping base also minimizes the “banana” shape, ergonomically creating a flatter sleeping surface.

The coolest feature of this design is that it can double as a tent. The two poles on either end raise the bug net and tarp high enough to provide a sleeping space. The Blue Ridge Camping Hammock be laid on the ground and staked in for those severe storms and treeless hikes.

Total pack weight: 4.25lb.(1.93kg)

Pack size: 22 x 6 inches

Bug net: Yes

Rainfly: Yes

Suspension system included: yes

Patent Camping Hammock

Coming in at under $100, this hybrid hammock/tent system is the more budget-friendly model. Two arch poles are used to hoist the bugnet and act as the skeleton for the waterproof rainfly. All the ropes and tie downs required to hang this product are included, making the entire package ready to go.

This system features single-point anchors at the head and feet, resembling more of a hammock than a tent. The rainfly and arch support system are clunkier than some other models, but it can still be used as a tent in situations where trees are not available.

Budget friendly with a get the job done attitude, the Patent Camping Hammock is another model in the hybrid hammock line.

Total pack weight: 2.87lb(1.3kg)

Pack size: 12 x 7 inches

Bug net: Yes

Rainfly: Yes

Suspension system included: yes

Crehouse Lightweight Camping Hammock

Another model in the ever growing hammock/tent hybrid design, the Crehouse is built for those who require flexibility in their sleeping situation.

The bug net and rainfly are completely detachable, giving options for cutting weight depending on the season. It is hung using the single point anchors at the foot and the head: no reinvention of the wheel here.

Two aluminum alloy poles are used as the frame, nicely supporting the bug net and rainfly. The poles are also large enough to allow this product to be set up as a tent.  Setting it up on the ground gives the user about the same space as any bivy sack on the market. Perfect for those long distance hikes above the treeline or through desert.

This hammock comes with all the ropes and carabiners needed and is ready to go from day one. The materials used are not ultralight but will hold up under the stresses of backpacking. The Crehouse lightweight Camping Hammockis a good choice for hikers just beginning the foray into hammock camping.

Total pack weight: 3.3lb.(1.49kg)

Pack size: 15 x 5 inches

Bug net: Yes

Rainfly: Yes

Suspension system included: yes

Complete Sleep System Hammocks

These hammocks do not double as tents but do include a rainfly and a bugnet. More popular with thru-hikers who care about weight and comfort, the models here are excellent choices for backpacking.

ENO OneLink Hammock

This hammock is designed to be used in the most rugged of situations. Unapologetic in the quality of material used, the user does not have to worry about this model breaking or wearing out during the longest of long distance hiking.

Able to fit two people up to 400lbs, the high strength nylon can be folded into the size of a grapefruit. The bug net and rainfly are both detachable and the hammock is equally at home on the beach or backyard as it is in the backcountry.

The suspension system offers 30 points of contacts, making hanging this product incredible easy to customize, fitting every situation imaginable. Everything needed for hanging the ENO OneLink Hammock fits into the included stuff sack, ensuring nothing gets left at home

Total pack weight: 4.8lb.(2.17kg)

Pack size: 8x16inches

Bug net: Yes

Rainfly: Yes

Suspension system included: yes

Hennesy Hammock Hyperlight

Designed for lightweight hikers entering the most remote terrain, the Hennesy Hammock Hyperlight punches above its weight class. Featuring an integral ridgeline across the bottom, this hammock promises to keep its shape and keep your back straight.

The asymmetric design of the hammock and rainfly conforms better to the human shape than a simple banana shape. Heavy duty zippers and a no see-um bug mesh speaks to the quality of this product.

Support ropes hold 1200lbs,and are coated in polyester to protect tree bark. The floor space measures 108×48 inches diagonally and can hold up to 200lbs, ample for most every hiker.

Total pack weight: 1.9lbs (.86kg)

Pack size: 4×8 inches

Bug net: Yes

Rainfly: Yes

Suspension system included: yes

REI Quarter Dome Air Hammock

REI has designed their own flat-bottomed hammock and it is a worthy competitor in the market place. Permanent poles at both ends keep the hammock taut and ensure the sleeper does not suffer from the banana shape most hammocks have.

The bug net is permanently affixed but simply flipping the hammock over can let you sleep bug-net free. The rainfly is not attached and it can be easily customized to shelter you in a variety of conditions.

Dacron anchor lines are used to cut weight and the 4 anchor points are ideal for maintaining a stable sleeping floor. Overall, the REI Quarter Dome Air Hammock is a great option for the price.

Total pack weight: 3.2lb (1.45kg)

Pack size: 81×23 inches

Bug net: Yes

Rainfly: Yes

Suspension system included: yes

Basic Bug Net Hammocks

Hammocks in this category come with a bugnet but not a rainfly. Perfect for those who prefer to invest in a high quality rainfly or like to sleep under the stars.

Adventure Gear Outfitter Hammock

This hammock is built for serious backpackers in mind. Created without extras, and only featuring a bugnet, this hammock is lightweight and designed for adventure.

The mosquito net is made with elastic around the anchor points to prevent tearing and increase the lifetime of the net. I am impressed with this ingenuity because constant packing and unpacking will tear holes in mosquito netting. So it’s a smart idea.

Coming with a 16-loop tree straps each rated to hold over 400lbs, the suspension system on this design will not quit on you. Adventure Gear Outfitter is so confident with the construction of this hammock that there is an unlimited 6 month money back guarantee if the hammock fails.

Total pack weight: 1.7lb .(77kg)

Pack size: 4.5 x 6 x 9.8 inches

Bug net: Yes

Rainfly: no

Suspension system included: yes

Eclypse II Camping Hammock

This hammock is lightweight and makes no apologies for its lack of pockets or gear loops. Strictly for purist hammock users, the Eclypse II is a no-frills sleeping system.

A single guyline is used to keep the bugnet elevated and off the user’s face. The simple design does the job and allows for a bug free sleep.

The Eclypse II Camping Hammock is load-tested up to 400lbs and makes the bold claim that two people can sleep in it, albeit slightly uncomfortable. All in all, this hammock breaks no molds, offering a basic package that fulfills its purpose.

Total pack weight: 1.9lb (.86kg)

Pack size: 8.6 x 6.2 x 3.7 inches

Bug net: Yes

Rainfly: no

Suspension system included: yes

Hammock Bliss Sky Bed

This hammock is designed for maximum comfort. Its assymetrical lay out boasts a flat sleeping area, even with the bunched end anchor points. A very cool feature is a nylon sleeve that most sleeping pads can slide into, preventing any slippage.

The bug net has 2100 holes per square inch, making the mesh extremely fine, guaranteeing a bug free night, wherever you’re camped.

A long zipper, nearly the entire length of the hammock, makes getting in and out an easy experience. This hammock is designed to solve many of the issues hammock campers face with other models. Solidly constructed and thoroughly tested, the Bliss Sky Bed is a model that will perform in the outdoors.

Total pack weight: 1.8lb (.82kg)

Pack size: 7.4 x 10 x 5.5 inches

Bug net: Yes

Rainfly: no

Suspension system included: yes

Ultralight Hammocks

Built for the hiker who rips labels off the peanut butter and cuts their toothbrush in half, these hammocks are bare bones. Lacking bug nets and a rainfly, there is only one activity that can take place in an ultralight hammock: sleeping.

Lamoo single parachute camping hammocks

Triple stitching holds the parachute nylon together, promising a strong and dependable sleeping system capable of surviving thru-hikes. Carabiners (included) hold the hammock to the trees, reducing the need for knots.

The material is lightweight but strong and most hikers will find this hammock entirely ample for their purposes.

Straps are not included with this model, and neither is a rainfly. Designed to be the ultimate lightweight sleeping option, the Lamoo Single Parachute contains no special features.

Total pack weight: .9lb (..40)

Pack size: 7x 4.5x 4.5 inches

Bug net: no

Rainfly: no

Suspension system included: no

Kammok Wallaby Hammock

Small, lightweight, and simple: this product is built for those hammock-loving hikers who always need to carry one. Made with ripstop nylon Gravitas fabric, the material resists tearing and is reinforced at the anchor points.

Incredibly lightweight and packable, many will be tempted to carry it just because of its small size.

No bug net or rainfly comes with this tent but straps and carabiners are included. Simple and straightforward, the Kammok Wallaby can double as a day-tripper as well as an overnight sleep system.

Total pack weight: .63lb (.29kg)

Pack size: 4.5 x 3.5 inches

Bug net: no

Rainfly: no

Suspension system included: yes

Choosing the right model for you

It is important to match your hiking style with the appropriate hammock. If you are preparing for a long distance hike, maybe a hammock that can double as a tent would be pretty cool but if you only hike a few times a month, it could be over kill. There are plenty of options and each hammock has its benefits as well as detractors.

Remember, having a good night’s sleep is the ultimate survival rule. Without enough ZZZZZZs, you are more likely to make mistakes in the backcountry. Pick your hammock wisely and have fun with it!


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