Cranberry Lake 50 (NY State)

DISTANCE (round-trip)

50 mi (80km)



3-4 days


The Great
Range Trail


Beautifully Remote Route
Through The 'Dacks

The Adirondacks are the largest open space land project in the United States. Over 6 million acres are regulated, featuring small towns, wild areas and mountains as far as the eye can see.

The Cranberry Lake 50 is located in the most remote and northwest corner of the park. Circumnavigating Cranberry Lake, it traverses wilderness areas and state forest, showing off the least explored areas of the park.

You the same massive mountain peaks in this area -- instead, the region is dotted with lakes and swamps. The Cranberry Lake 50 does have a few more insects compared to more popular treks, but in return you get to experience a wonderfully quiet trails. The mild elevation changes also make it great for first-time backpackers.

When to go

Best time to go is early Spring or Autumn. Early spring allows you to beat the bugs and the crowds. Autumn will allow you to experience beautiful foliage and the colder nights reduce insects as well as fair weather hikers.

Getting there

2.5 hours north of Syracuse NY, take Route 81N to NY3 East, there is a small parking area at Peavine Creek that is marked.

Know before you go

  • The trail is wet, muddy, and full of bugs.
  • The night sky is among the darkest I have experienced East of the Mississippi.
  • There are Moose and Black Bear along the trail and hikers need to be aware of their presence, hanging bear bags is a requirement.

For more information:

Cranberry 50, a view from the highest peak on the trail, "Cat Mountain".

Cranberry 50, morning arrives and beaver ponds reflect the first light of the day.

Gear Recommendations for this trail:



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Addicted to the dark areas on light pollution maps, I focus on documenting the world's remote spaces. I hope to inspire others to be an active member of the ecosystem all around us. Our most valuable resources, clean air, clean water, and open spaces are being parceled off and destroyed at an alarming rate. Let's enjoy Earth and share it with future generations. You can check out my blog Not A Guide Book


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